ProMed Weight Loss Medication in Santa Rosa

There are several FDA-approved weight loss medications Dr. Hubert prescribes when patients require additional assistance with appetite control.

Currently, the majority of medications approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are for short-term use only. The exceptions to this are sibutramine (Meridia) and orlistat (Xenical). Apart from orlistat, all medications act as anorexiants. Anorexiants affect feelings of fullness, decreasing the amount of food consumed during a meal or the desire to eat to achieve a level of fullness. This reduces the frequency of meals.

On their own, medications are not an effective obesity treatment. Research has shown that while medications contribute to short-term weight loss of up to 10% of an individual’s body weight, without lifestyle changes and nutrition education people quickly regain weight once the medication is discontinued.

However, when used appropriately and with adequate medical monitoring, medications can be a powerful tool in medical weight management because of their ability to control hunger and help control food cravings.

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