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Providence Medical Group offers several weight loss programs designed to meet your weight loss and health needs. Dr. Hubert customizes each program to ensure Couple running on a grassy hillthat you achieve maximum weight loss success while maintaining your safety and health.*

*Individual Results May Vary

Our Programs:

Our full-meal replacement program is for people with a considerable amount of weight to lose (more than 30 pounds).* This program is one of the most successful medical weight loss programs in the world and numerous research studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.*

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Morbid obesity is a life-threatening medical condition in which a person is at least 100 pounds overweight. Many surgeons and insurance companies require surgical candidates to participate in a meal replacement weight loss program before undergoing surgery and our pre-surgical program is designed to fulfill those requirements.

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Weight loss medication has proven effective in long-term studies when it is used in conjunction with medical monitoring, behavioral therapy, and nutritional counseling. The ProMed program can be used in both active weight loss and during maintenance programs to assist with appetite suppression and feelings of fullness.*

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ProHealth uses nutraceuticals (natural medications) and is a holistic approach to weight loss targeted at eating the basic food groups while safely losing weight and changing bad habits.

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Long-Term Maintenance and Relapse Prevention
Above all other factors, support and a structured long-term maintenance plan have proven to be the most effective method for helping people maintain weight loss.* The Providence Medical Group long-term maintenance program is available to anyone who has completed one of our weight loss programs.

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