Medical Meal Replacement Formula for Weight Loss

The Success of our Meal Replacement Formula is based on:

  • High-Quality, Complete Nutrition

  • Pre-Portioned and Calorie-Controlled Servings

  • Quick and Simple Preparation

  • Freedom From Having to Make Food Choices

Skeptical About a Meal Replacement Diet?

You are not alone. Many people are concerned that they will not be able to adapt to a diet that replaces their normal food only to find that on average most people adjust in less than a week.

Why it Works*

People given less food choices eat less!* Think of the last time you were at a buffet-style restaurant? Did you carefully choose a few favorite foods or did you take “a taste” of many items? The phenomenon of eating less with fewer choices is known as stimuli narrowing. It is a key component of the Providence Medical Group ProLite program. Stimuli narrowing improves your ability to stick with the diet, as well as provide an environment that assists in making the critical behavioral changes needed for long-term weight control.* People following the ProLite program often say it is like taking a vacation from food. And while on that “vacation”, they are able to recognize the many times during the day when they would have eaten and work to change those environmental situations, or triggers, that have caused them to overeat in the past.*

Medical Meal Replacement Highlights

  • Available in the US through hospitals and specially trained physicians
  • Provides 100% or more of all vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fatty acids
  • Extensive behavioral change curriculum that address diet, activity, and behavioral skills like stress and weight control, body image, and communication skills. Diet trends come and go, but behavioral change remains the cornerstone of effective weight loss and management programs.
  • Precise calorie and portion control
  • Minimal food handling reduces the temptation to “cheat and eat”*

Weight Loss and Health Improvement Results*

Rapid improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose (blood sugar) are also seen.* Many individuals who participate in the full medical meal replacement program are able to significantly reduce and, in some cases, discontinue the use of medications for these conditions altogether.*

*Individual Results May Vary

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