What is Body Mass Index

Your body mass index (BMI) is an indicator of your total body fat, which is related to your risk of developing or dying from a weight related disease.

While there are some limitations with BMI calculators, they do provide you with an idea of how overweight you may be.

How to Use a BMI Calculator

Click here for the calculator.

1. Choose your measurement units.

Centimeters/kilograms or inches/pounds

2. Enter your height to the nearest inch.

4 feet = 48 inches
5 feet = 60 inches
6 feet = 72 inches
Example: if you are 5 feet 6 inches, then you would enter 66 inches

3. Enter your weight to the nearest pound. Nobody sees the results, so be honest!

4. Click the “Calculate my BMI” button.

What the Results Mean

The calculator will show your BMI and where this number lies on a relative risk scale. You can use this result to decide if you need to call us for weight loss help or not. Our programs are effective, regardless of the amount of weight you wish to lose.*

If your BMI is in the Overweight range, consider our ProFast or ProLite programs.

If your BMI is in the Obese range, consider the ProLite program.

If your BMI is above 40, an extended ProLite program could help.

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