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We understand that losing weight for good takes more than just a fad diet. When you team up with medical professionals, you ​have a higher chance of success for losing and keeping off the weight. At St. Joseph Health Medical Group, your customized medical

weight loss program will be personally supervised by a physician and will include support services such as behavior modification, nutritional counseling, medical monitoring and a personalized weight loss plan. From increasing your physical activity to giving you the best nutritional information and educational resources, our programs are designed for long-term changes and results.

Medical Weight Loss Patient Results

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Cal K

I strongly encourage anyone who wants to lose weight safely and under competent medical care to engage the services of Dr. Jennifer Hubert. Along with her courteous and efficient staff, Dr. Hubert plans and weekly monitors the appropriate program to move you toward your established goal. The single most important thing you can take out of my comments is that the weight will come off provided you adhere strictly to her plan.

  • Cal K before weight loss

    Cal K after weight loss

Dr. Sullivan

I have had weight issues most of my adult life. They really went into overdrive when I was in residency. I found myself gradually gaining weight over about 15 years and finally came to the conclusion that I needed help to lose the weight. I was extremely tired all the time and just did not feel good about myself. I went to see Dr. Hubert and basically let her take over. I followed her advice to the letter and lost 85 lbs in 5 months. The difference in her program compared to other diets I have tried, has been the close follow up, even after the weight loss, which I think is the key. I have tried multiple diets in the past and just found myself gaining the weight back and then some. With Dr. Hubert’s help, I had to rethink my whole lifestyle and make exercise and taking care of myself a priority. Believe me, if I can do this, anyone can! I sincerely thank Dr. Hubert and her wonderful staff for giving me back my energy!

  • Dr. Sullivan before weight loss

    Dr. Sullivan after weight loss.

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