During a medical weight loss program, you can expect to achieve significant weight reduction.* Many patients are able to achieve a weight loss of 2-8 pounds each week while on a complete meal replacement program.*

Medical monitoring while losing weight is critical. Ensuring that your body tolerates the changes and that you maintain consistent weight loss requires close monitoring by an experienced bariatrician (weight loss doctor).

During weight loss, you can also expect many of the medications you are using to require adjustment. Weight loss has a significant effect on blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. In many cases, the medications you may be taking to treat hypertension, diabetes, or hyperlipedemia can be tapered off or even discontinued as these conditions begin to resolve.

During a diet, your body still requires adequate high-quality nutrition to maintain good health. Reducing calories without ensuring that the quality and nature of the remaining calories provide all the essential vitamins and minerals can lead to illness and make it impossible to maintain your weight loss. Medical monitoring ensures that you are receiving adequate nutrition, and that your body systems are functioning properly to process and eliminate excess body fat without breaking down muscle.

At times, it is appropriate to consider FDA-approved medications that help control appetite cravings or work to help reduce the amount of fat you ingest.*

What Is Involved In Medical Monitoring?

Before beginning a weight loss program, Dr. Hubert will perform a thorough medical exam to determine your health status. During the exam Dr. Hubert will identify any medical conditions that may be interfering with your weight loss efforts. It is often necessary to gather some baseline laboratory information to identify potential risk factors and correct any imbalances that may exist.

Based on your preliminary examination, lab results, and a discussion of your weight and health goals, Dr. Hubert will develop amedical weight loss plan to meet your individual needs.

Throughout your program you will have frequent visits with Dr. Hubert to assess your progress and ensure you are maintaining good health. If necessary, Dr. Hubert will also stay in contact with your primary care physician to ensure that changes in medications and any other medical factors are communicated.

*Individual results may vary