Long-Term Maintenance and Relapse Support

Losing weight is considerably easier than maintaining your weight loss. Most of us have experienced short-term success on a new diet only to find the pounds quickly return.

We regain weight because we often forget that weight control continues long after dieting stops.

Above all other factors, support and a structured long-term maintenance plan have proven to be the most effective method for helping people maintain weight loss. The Providence Medical Group long-term Maintenance program is available to anyone who has completed one of our weight loss programs. As a participant in this program, you can purchase weight management products to help you control your calorie intake.

Best Suited for:

People who have achieved their weight loss goals and wish to avoid weight re-gains

Program Diet:

A structured diet plan is used incorporating healthy food items with meal replacements if desired.

Medication Support:

Medication support may be used if Dr. Hubert feels it is appropriate for your long-term goals.

*Individual results may vary

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