Well Woman Exam

Making good lifestyle choices and having regular visits with your doctor can help make you feel better and prevent future health problems. It is important to discuss any health concerns or unusual changes with your physician.

Your Well Woman visit includes a thorough medical and family history, physical exam, screening tests and immunizations, all of which are based on your age and risk factors. Screening tests may include a Pap Smear, Breast Exam, Mammogram, Bone Density (DEXA) Scan, Blood Work and Pelvic Ultrasound.


If you are over 21 years of age, you should have a Pap Smear. The Pap Smear is a screening test that identifies abnormal cells in the cervix. It may also be used to check for HPV or other types of infections. If you are younger than 21 years of age, the Pap Smear may be performed earlier. Be sure to consult with your physician and let them know of any abnormalities or infections. It is important to have your well woman exam on an annual basis, especially if you are 21 years or older or are sexually active.

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