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Our nationally-recognized physicians are using dramatic improvements in care to successfully treat a wide range of conditions – from injuries to arthritis - allowing our patients to get back to doing the things they love.

With degrees and training from the top orthopedic programs - including Harvard, UCLA, Yale, Cornell and Stanford - our fellowship-trained specialists provide cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment. In fact, in areas from cartilage restoration to sophisticated non-surgical interventions, we offer a level of expertise that places us among Southern California's best.

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Procedures Performed

Anatomic reconstruction

Arthroscopic debridement

Aided by a tiny camera (arthroscope) and using very small incisions, torn or damaged cartilage is located and trimmed away – reducing pain and restoring function.

Arthroscopic microfracture

By creating small holes in the bones, microfracture stimulates the growth of cartilage – using the body's own healing abilities to repair cartilage defects. Successfully used to treat cartilage damage in both the knee and shoulder.

Bone grafting

Carpal tunnel release

Cartilage “plugs” (OATS procedure)

Used to successfully treat isolated areas of cartilage damage, a small section of the patient’s own bone and cartilage is removed from an area that does not bear weight to serve as donor cartilage. The donor bone and cartilage is then transferred to the damaged part of the knee being repaired. For larger areas of bone and cartilage loss, our surgeons can implant a piece of donated cartilage and bone that eventually functions as the patient’s own tissue. The OATS procedure is typically used only on active individuals under 50 who have cartilage injuries and premature arthritis.

Cartilage cell transplantation (ACI procedure)

Cartilage cell transplantation is one of the newest and most exciting developments in successfully treating knee joint pain. A patient’s own cells are harvested and grown in a laboratory culture. In a second procedure, the cells are re-implanted in the knee to repair and resurface areas where there’s been cartilage loss. Available at fewer than 50 medical centers in the country, ACI procedures allow us to restore mobility and range of motion without using an artificial joint in both the knee and shoulder.

Cartilage transplant and regeneration

Foot and ankle reconstruction

Forefoot reconstruction

Fracture care

Hand therapy

Joint reconstruction

Joint replacement

Joint resurfacing

Ligament repair

Replantation and revascularization

Rotator cuff repair

Surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors

Tendon grafting

Tendon repair and reconstruction

Conditions Treated

Ankle Arthritis

Ankle instability



Complex fractures

Congenital hand deformities



Joint dislocations

Labral tears

Ligament injuries

Nonunions and malunions


Overuse injuries

Rotator cuff injury

Shoulder instability

Shoulder separation

Spine trauma

Sports Injuries

Tendon disorders

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Orthopedic Surgery
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