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We understand that losing weight for good takes more than just a fad diet. When you team up with medical professionals, you have a higher chance of success for losing and keeping off the weight. At Mission Heritage Medical Group, your customized medical weight loss program will be personally supervised by our registered dietitian, Christi Coy, MS, RDN, CSOWM, NASM-CPT, FAND, and will include support services such as behavior modification, nutritional counseling, medical monitoring and a personalized weight loss plan. From increasing your physical activity to giving you the best nutritional information and educational resources, our programs are designed for long-term changes and results.

Achieve Lasting Weight Loss! SLIM Premier Program

Self-achieved Lifestyle Improvement and Management (SLIM) SLIM is a 12-week, medically-supervised program which utilizes a comprehensive approach to promote positive lifestyle changes and improve long-term physical and mental health and overall wellness. Weight management is the ultimate desired goal of the participants.

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