Breastfeeding or Formula: Which is Best?

Evidence-based studies support breast feeding as best for both mother and baby. We endorse and strive to help new mothers establish and then maintain breast feeding throughout the 1st year of life - this is strongly recommended by the American Academy Pediatrics.

Benefits of breastfeeding include: promotion of cognitive development, bonding with mother, decreased risk of infections in the infant (pneumonia, gastrointestinal illnesses and ear infections), decreased risk of certain cancers in mothers, as well as, a decreased risk for postpartum depression.

If a mother decides that breastfeeding is not something she can commit to, whether for personal, medical or other reasons, formula becomes the best option. Studies have shown that both breastfeeding and formula feedings provide for appropriate growth in infants. Benefits of formula or bottle feeding include: ability of fathers & family members to bond with the infant, a decreased risk of anemia (all formulas are fortified with iron) and less risk of the infant developing vitamin D deficiency.

We are here to provide evidence-based medical advice and practical support that helps you in raising your child in the best way.