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Here are testimonials from some of our many happy patients.

"After learning that stasis dermatitis was not a skin disease I was referred to Dr. Loussararian who recommended an endovenous ablation of the left saphenous vein. I followed his advice and believe that he saved my left leg. Thank you Dr. Loussararian."

"For years I had pain in my legs from varicose veins, but never pursued treatment. It wasn't until I had a venous ulcer that I decided I needed help. I contacted Dr. Loussararian/Vein Center. Dr. Loussararian and his staff were professional and knowledgeable explaining everything involved. The procedure was quick and painless, and the recovery was simple. My legs have never felt so good - I no longer have any discomfort. I would recommend The Vein Center to anyone suffering with vein problems."

"Just returned from my second 30 minute walk as directed after my vein surgery. I have not had any discomfort today that I needed Tylenol and had an active day. My experience yesterday was amazing for all the good care and the lack of discomfort. I felt totally at ease and would highly recommend the care I received. I did not do this for appearance at 78 years of age but for comfort and the first surgery on the right leg took away all the pain and I am sure it will prove the same on the left. Thank God we have the laser surgery and such qualified people at Mission Heritage Medical Group."

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