CT Imaging Center at Mission Heritage Medical Group

Making the CT Procedure Pleasant, Easy and Fast

CT Scan machine

CT IMAGING - A computed tomography, often referred to as a CT scan uses X-rays to make detailed pictures of structures inside the body.

The MHMG CT Center offers imaging services that also include non-invasive “virtual” colonography and coronary angiography, with results delivered to ordering physicians in typically 24 hours or less. Patients can expect a pleasant, easy and rather quick visit with most test times requiring less than 15 minutes.

The CT Imaging Center is enthusiastically staffed by Jackie Newman, Imaging Coordinator, Tammy Ward and Tony Nguyen, CT Technologists, and Drs. Adamany, Hepner, Loussararian, and Thomas forming the physician leadership team.

Scheduling an appointment is easy; just have the order faxed to the MHMG CT Imaging Center & send a copy to the Authorization Department. The staff will contact the patient to schedule an appointment. If the patient has had prior imaging studies of the area to be imaged, a copy of the previous report should be attached to the order. The radiologist will then be able to compare the CT results to previous studies.

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