Prescription (Rx) Refill

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How do I get a refill on my prescription?

Requesting a prescription refill is easy. After signing in to the Patient Portal, click on the "Prescription Refill" button and fill out the requested information.

Patient Portal

What if I’m out of refills?

If you are out of refills, you will need to contact your doctor for a new prescription. You can send your doctor a message through the Patient Portal, or you can call your doctor's office directly.

Patient Portal Physician Directory

What if this is my first time filling a prescription?

You can take your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice to have it filled, or your doctor may electronically submit your subscription.

Can I go to the pharmacy to get a refill?

If you know you have a refill, or you think you do, call your pharmacy to ask for a refill. Make sure to keep your prescription bottle, as your pharmacy will ask for the prescription refill number located on the label.

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