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Our patient-centered approach puts you at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to provide consistently excellent, personalized care to help enhance your quality of life and provide you with the comfort and support you need to manage and treat your asthma, allergies, sinus and immunological conditions. Using leading-edge treatments such as the Rosch program, our board-certified allergists and immunologists and otolaryngology (ENT) specialists work collaboratively to design a uniquely tailored care program that suits your specific health care needs.

Procedures Performed

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots, also known as immunotherapy, is the only therapy that can modify or eliminate an allergic response. It is a way to increase the body’s natural resistance to the substances are provoking the allergic reaction. St. Joseph's immunotherapy program is supported by Rosch technology, giving you access to an advanced allergy extract and injection management system that gives you greater visibility to your process and decreases your wait time.

RUSH immunotherapy (RUSH IT)

RUSH Immunotherapy is available for select patients who are candidates for an accelerated form of immunotherapy in which doses are given more rapidly.

Patch Test

Patch testing involves applying small samples of allergenic substances to small patches of the skin to check for an allergic reaction (contact dermatitis).

Skin Prick Test

A skin prick test, also known as a scratch test, is used to identify allergic reactions to more than 40 different substances using a lancet prick to determine if there is an allergy to any of the substances.

Skin Injection Test

A skin injection test takes about 15 minutes and involves injecting a small amount of the allergen under the skin. This test is typically used to check for allergic reactions to medications such as penicillin and to check for reactions to insect venom such as bee stings.

Specific IgE Blood Test

This is a blood test that combines a sample of your blood with chosen allergens to measure the resulting antibodies for analysis and diagnosis by a doctor.


Spirometry is a common test used to assess how well your lungs are working. It involves breathing out as quickly as you can into the nozzle of an apparatus called a spirometer. The spirometer will then measure the effectiveness and pressure of your breath.

Conditions Treated






Post nasal drip



Food allergies

Stings allergies

Drug allergies


Chronic infections

Our Physician

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Madeleine S. Ramos, MD
Madeleine S. Ramos, MD
Allergy and Immunology
City:  Eureka
4.9 out of 5

Meet Madeline Ramos, MD

Dr. Ramos is the Allergy and Immunology Board Certified specialist for St. Joseph Health Medical Group. She has been practicing for more than19 years and graduated from R Franklin Univ Of Med & Sci in 1999 and specializes in allergy & immunology.

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Eureka - Allergy and Immunology

Eureka - Allergy and Immunology

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