For some, recovery from COVID-19 doesn’t mean an end to serious or even debilitating symptoms. Shortness of breath, weakness, pain, mental fogginess, anxiety, or other complications continue to plague many for weeks or even months. While symptoms can be especially serious for those who were hospitalized, those who recovered at home often also have prolonged side effects.

Our innovative post COVID-19 program features the targeted expertise of board-certified neurologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, behavioral health therapists, speech language pathologists, physical and respiratory therapists, nutrition and wellness experts, and occupational therapists with specialized experience in physical and cognitive recovery.

Goals may include:

  • Cognitive function training to help regain critical-thinking skills and memory
  • Increasing endurance, energy and return to daily activities
  • Strengthening pulmonary function while monitoring oxygen saturation levels to avoid exacerbation of symptoms
  • Improving speech or swallowing issues

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