Podiatry at St. Mary High Desert Medical Group

From sports injuries to cracked and odorous feet and many conditions in between, our St. Mary High Desert Medical Group podiatrists are prepared to help you put your best foot forward. Call our office below and schedule an appointment today.

Procedures Performed

Articular cartilage repairs

Ankle arthroscopy

This procedure uses a small camera and incision to operate around the ankle joint.

Total ankle replacement

Limb Salvage Surgery - Central Orange

Cervical Disc Replacement

Instead of fusing and eliminating movement in the joint space of the spine, the joint is replaced with an artificial disc, which allows for continued movement.

Conditions Treated



Flat Feet



High-arched feet

Plantar fasciitis

Sports injuries

Tendon disorders


Achilles tendonitis

Ankle arthritis

Ankle sprains

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