Health and Wellness Classes and Programs

The Center for Health Promotion is dedicated to lifestyle, diet, self management and education for specific health related issues. Classes are taught by RD's, RN's and Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE).
A physician referral may be needed for all health and wellness programs.

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Pre-diabetes class

This program discusses the criteria for pre-diabetes/diabetes diagnosis, blood glucose goals and detailed diet information. Fees may apply.
Locations: Brea • Santa Ana

Diabetes Self-Management Class

This nationally recognized diabetes program comprises of four sessions. Topics include nutrition, physical activity, diabetes medications and blood glucose monitoring. (Free meter given.) Classes offered in morning and evening. One individual appointment included at the start of the program Fees may apply.
Locations: Brea • Santa Ana • Mission

Heart Class
This class covers high blood pressure, cholesterol management, as well as diet and lifestyle tools for heart health.

Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Education Series

The three part series provides education, practical guidance and tools to those caring for someone with dementia. Provided by the Alzheimer’s Association, the series will cover the following topics:

  • The Basics: memory loss, dementia and alzheimer’s disease
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Understanding and responding to dementia-related behavior

Location: Santa Ana

Healthy Living/Nutrition

Each Healthy Plate class is two hours. Classes will focus on the basic foundations of healthy nutrition using the plate method. Classes are based on national guidelines and up-to-date information related to each topic. Fees may apply.

Healthy Plate Class: Getting Started
Location: Santa Ana

Healthy Plate Class: Weight
Location: Santa Ana

Healthy Plate Class: Behavior Change
Location: Santa Ana

Healthy Plate Class: Exercise
Location: Santa Ana

Weight Management

Pathways to a Healthy Weight
Have you struggled to lose weight? Keep it off long term? Establish consistent lifestyle? This free 90-minute seminar will provide you with a variety of weight loss options. Fees may apply.
Locations: Brea • Santa Ana

HMR Weight Program
(Meal replacement/medical management)
State-of-the-art weight program that includes meal replacements, mind skills, exercise and weekly coaching. Call for a free orientation and to taste our delicious food. Cash based program. Click here to learn more about the program or download a HMR weight management flier.
Location: Brea

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Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition Consultations for Adults
Meet with a Registered Dietitian to review nutrition issues such as food allergies, how to gain weight, pre-diabetes or diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, pregnancy, IBS, celiac, cirrhosis of the liver, fatty liver, kidney disease and other medical conditions requiring specific nutrition guidelines. Fees may apply.
Program available in Spanish.
Locations: Brea • Santa Ana • Diamond Bar • Yorba Linda • Mission

Pediatric Issues/Family

Nutrition Education-Pediatrics
Individual appointments are offered for children that are underweight, failure to thrive, celiac disease, IBS, allergies, fatty liver, picky eaters, introduction to solid foods for infants, etc. Fees may apply.
Locations: Brea • Santa Ana • Yorba Linda

Live Smart Program
Award winning weight management and healthy lifestyle class is for children and families. Class focuses on making sustainable goals toward improving nutrition for the entire household. Children are welcome, but not required to attend. Fees may apply.
Locations: Brea • Santa Ana

“Little Worrier” Group
Five-week group for children who are having an unhealthy amount of anxiety. One week is dedicated to parents for a general overview and four weeks are dedicated to children. Fees may apply.
Location: Santa Ana

Quit Tobacco Today

FREE classes with free nicotine patches offered by OC Healthcare Agency hosted at varies locations. Call 1-866-639-5864.
Location: Yorba Linda


Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis of the Liver classes. These classes focus on specific diet and lifestyle changes specific to each condition. Fees may apply.
Location: Yorba Linda

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