Rheumatology at St. Jude and St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group

At St. Jude and St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group, we believe in multidisciplinary and comprehensive care. Our rheumatologists can involve a wide range of respected experts in your care, from orthopedic surgeons and pain medicine specialists to endocrinologists and physical therapists. This allows comprehensive care that is not only more convenient but more effective.

Our commitment to providing the finest evidence-based medicine means we are continually applying the latest research and improvements in care, from new infusion therapies to cutting-edge biologics (which "turn off" the inflammatory response and prevent further damage of the joint and surrounding tissues). But our fellowship-trained rheumatologists not only apply the newest advances—they help develop them. By participating in some of the most exciting research in the field of rheumatology today, our physicians are involved in developing new therapies to minimize disability and pain.